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What People are Saying

This is our fifth year at First Presbyterian Church School and we are thrilled with the quality of education, loving and sharp teachers, supportive family community, visionary leadership, challenging and well-rounded curriculum, and character development. Our child is not only learning facts and the standard elementary course of learning, but is also learning how to study, how to think (not just what to think), the importance of character, and the interconnectedness of all that he is learning. We couldn't ask for a better school for our child. We are now huge fans of the classical Christian model of education and would recommend the school to any family looking for a liberal arts-based, faith-centered education for their child.

- Current Parent

FPCS is a strong academic school that offers an excellent classical education to students from 18 months old through 5th grade. Elementary students engage in learning with an Art, Music, and Latin Specialist. As a staff member, I am blessed and proud to work here. And as a parent, I couldn't ask for a better education and loving environment for my daughter.

- Current Parent

My children have attended First Presbyterian Church School for 10 years - there is not one other school that I would ever consider! Our school may be little - but it is mighty in the power of education and in the strength it provides for children, and their parents! I can feel secure in sending my child to a school where they are safe - emotionally, physically, and mentally. I know that they are being treated with kindness, respect, and that my values are not only respected but encouraged! My children excell in all areas of educational focus - from mathmatics to history to reading I can feel secure in knowing that when they graduate and leave FPCS they will be ahead academically. Private school is not for everyone - if someone desires to simply drop their child off and not "deal" with the education of their child, or the situations that may arise for them, this is not the place for them! It is for individuals interested in participating in the education of their children, interested in participating in the growth of their children, and invested in their growth, development, and accountability.

- Current Parent